The David Hillyard Story
by Dr. John Balchin

Books featuring a Hillyard

  • Hillyard - The Man, His Boats and Their Sailors by Nicholas Gray is now available in bookshops or onlne at This gives a preview of this comprehensive and facsinating book. Hillyard by Nicholas Gray
  • Secret Water "Spindrift" - Arthur Ransome
  • Islands of Blue Water "Leiona" - Lt. Col. Keith Robinson (Adlard Coles)
  • Islands Ahead "Leiona" - Robinson (Robert Hale 1972)
  • Two and half Ton Dream "Puffin" - Ray Whitaker (Herbert Jenkins Ltd. 1959)
  • (=+) We Who Adventure "Brynhildr" - L.B. Winter (Oxford University Press (1966)
  • (=+) Nor They Understand "Brynhildr" - L.B. Winter (The Jacaranda Press (1966)
  • Schooner Integrity "Iskra" - Frank Mulville (Seafarer Books London 1979)
  • (+) By Way of the Golden Isles "Ragged Robin III" - Anthony Rushworth-Lund
  • (+) Little Ship Charters - W.J.L. Watts
  • On the Wind of a Dream -- The Saga of Solace - Commodore Victor Clark DSC, RN. (Hutchinson & Co. Ltd. 1960)
  • Nancy Blackett -- Under Sail with Arthur Ransome - Roger Wardell (Johnathan Cape 1991)
  • Neville Shute commissioned "Runagate" 1939 and mentioned her in a novel.
  • (*) Passage Makers Manual - Bill Finnis
    Preview Chapters from this and forthcoming book by Bill Finnis -
    The San Blas Reef
  • "Didicoy" - Six Years Round the World (Waterline)
  • We didn't mean to go to sea - Arthur Ransome (Red Fox 1993)
  • "Puffin's Log" family cruising in 1950's Purchase from Delfryn Publications (2009) Tel 01766 512 115
  • The David Hillyard Story by David Balchin. This book is out of print.


Kindly presented to the Hillyard Owners Association in memory of the Author L.B. Winter (1898 - 1981) by his son Geoffrey Winter, in January, 1986, a member who still owns and sails "Brynhildr" in Sydney, Australia.


Available on loan from the Association on request


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