Restoration Projects

Allan Lindsay

Allan Lindsay - Poole Yacht Club Allan Lindsay - Transport

The Allan Lindsay the day we first saw her, languished at Poole Yacht Club. Most of the boat, including the mast, had been painted with a brown preservative.

Getting ready for transport to Woodbridge. This picture speaks for itself.

Allan Lindsay - Frank Knights Boatyard Allan Lindsay - planks

On dry land at the Frank Knights boatyard, Woodbridge. The first major job, after airing out and finding a cover, was to burn the paint off the topsides to better assess the damage. A mixture of turpentine and linseed oil was applied to protect the exposed mahogany while work proceeded.

Shipwrights at the yard began to remove planks which had been rotted by the steady drip of rainwater.

Allan Lindsay - cabin Alan Lindsay - cockpit area

The cockpit area, where most of the rainwater settled and the worst rot occured, was a mess. Everything was stripped out and the ballast removed. This picture was taken soon after the Volvo diesel, condition unknown, had been pulled out with the crane.

While the shipwrights worked outside, I worked in the aft cabin, stripping out furniture and removing old paint.