As well as organising various rallies and social event during the year, The Hillyard Owners Association produces two newsletters per year, one Spring edition and one Autumn edition. Earlier issues can be obtained by contacting Commodore Steve Tiffin. Past newsletters are published on the website six months after they have been sent to members.

The HOA is always pleased to welcome new members whether or not they presently own a Hillyard yacht. Members can contact the HOA via email or join they Yahoo Group for an exchange of ideas and possible solutions to problems. The officers of HOA will do their best to pass technical queries on to other members with relevant experience.

Annual membership subscription is 10 plus an initial joining fee of 5 and we ask that all members complete a standing order when they join. Payment can also be made electronically.

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To join please contact Commodore Steve Tiffin.

Cowes Meet 1999

Cowes Meet 1999